Skagenhaugen is designed for creating memorable moments together.

Memorable moments

Skagenhaugen is perfect for groups looking to gather and have memorable moments together, in scenic and peaceful surroundings! The venue offers accommodation for 14 people and a dinging room/meeting room for 30. The main kitchen is well-equipped and suitable for preparing large meals. If you prefer ready-made food, there are several excellent catering options that can also deliver to your doorstep. If you'd rather not handle major grocery shopping, arrangements can be made. Having a fully stocked fridge upon arrival, especially if you arrive late in the evening or on a Sunday, can be a delightful convenience. Bed linen, towels, and cleaning are always included in the rental, making it easy for you to come, relax, and leave – it's that simple!"

If you wish to rent only the dining room, it is available for booking. here.

Extended family

With all the facilities and the spacious outdoor area, Skagenhaugen is a comfortable, child-friendly, and cozy place to gather both young and old, whether it's for a few days of vacation together or to celebrate a special occasion. There's a large lawn where you can play games like kubb, boccia, or other fun activities.

Friendship getaway

A social space with many areas to gather - both indoors and outdoors. You can heat up the outdoor hot tub, sit around the fire place, picnic on the hill (Skagenhaugen), or on the terrace right by the sea. The house is well-equipped with everything needed for a social gathering. The dining room is located in a separate wing, designed for extended meals and social settings without disturbing the sleeping areas."


Anniversaries, birthdays, confirmations & weddings: Skagenhaugen is well-equipped to set a beautiful table for 30 people. Tableware, glassware, cutlery, and tablecloths are included in the rental. Table decorations such as flowers, candles, and napkins are to be brought by the guest. If assistance with the arrangement is desired, we are happy to help.

Lutefisk gathering

In late autumn, during October and November, Northern Norway experiences the fascinating and unique polar night, often accompanied by unpredictable weather. It becomes especially pleasant to prepare and host lutefisk gatherings in picturesque surroundings. If you're fortunate, you might also witness the Northern Lights during this period.

Skiing & Skrei dinner

January to April is the Skrei season! (Skrei is cod that grows up in the Barents Sea but comes to the Norwegian coast for spawning). What could be better than combining fresh Skrei with a randonee skiing weekend in beautiful Vesterålen? It's not just Lofoten and Lyngen that have fantastic randonee peaks. Vesterålen also boasts many majestic mountain peaks. There are several local Facebook groups where you can inquire about local skiing and snow conditions.

Work gatherings, meetings & team-building

The meeting room is equipped with modern video and conference facilities. There is a serving table in the meeting room for catering to many people. Skagenhaugen is suitable for day meetings, strategy sessions, team-building, or other work-related events. If the event spans multiple days, the venue has 14 sleeping accommodations. Additionally, it is possible to rent additional lodging at nearby rental properties if more overnight capacity is needed.

Courses & seminars

The large common room is designed for celebrations and work gatherings - but can also be adapted for various events, e.g. Yoga courses, retreat gatherings or pizza courses. The room has a lovely view of the ocean and 5-6 meters with folding patio doors that can be opened all the way up, out onto the covered terrace.

Pizza course

Skagenhaugen is not only dedicated to nature and socializing but also to delicious meals that bring people together. Therefore, we have acquired a large, wood-fired pizza oven (Alfa 4 Pizze) on its own cart. The pizza oven is freely available for guests who want to use it independently, and we also organize dedicated pizza courses.

Your own courses & gatherings

Skagenhaugen can be rented for private courses/gatherings, if you wish to organize something on your own.

Catering options

If desired, we can assist with grocery shopping and catering. Please contact us, and we'll be happy to help with this.

Ringstad Resort

Telephone: +47 906 40 591
For example, tapas.

Spar Grocery store

Telephone: +47 76 13 57 77
For example, fish dishes, Asian cuisine, stews, fish soups, and more.

Åsand Brygge

By Synnøve Solem Olsen
Telephone: +47 971 40 910
For example, cured fish, lutefisk, bacalao - and not least, the world's best Kvæfjord cake.

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