Things to do

Skagenhaugen is a wonderful starting point for nature experiences. Or if you just want to enjoy the silence and nature in the garden. 

Things to do in Vesterålen


Hikers Paradis! 

Bø in Vesterålen is a fantastic destination for mountain hikes. Here, there are trails for everyone, whether you prefer the coastal path, white sandy beaches, or to go hiking in the amazing mountains. The combination of sea and mountains creates a beautiful harmony almost everywhere you go. 

Take a look at Visit Vesterålen's information about mountain hikes in Bø.

Our personal hiking trail favorites

Take a look TV-program "Monsen minute by minute" from Vesterålen (3 hiking trails).

Looking for bigger hiking challenges? SEVEN SUMMITS In Bø in Vesterålen: Visit the 7 highest peaks in Bø in Vesterålen within 24 hours.

Experience the Northern Lights

On clear evenings/nights, it is possible to see the northern lights from Skagenhaugen from September to March. It is especially beautiful if you are outside where it is dark, e.g. sitting in the hot tub. Magical! You can see the northern lights from the house - also from inside, but should be experienced outside.

Experience the midnight sun

Experience the midnight sun during the summer months from mid-May to mid-July. It stays light 24 hours a day. Does it sound appealing to go hiking under the midnight sun? Or perhaps sit and watch as the sun never sets?

Visit old fishing villages

Nyksund is an old fishing village with a lot of history, places to eat, accommodation and great hiking opportunities - e.g. the well-known trip "Dronningruten", which runs between Nyksund and Stø. In Nyksund you can also go on a sea safari (birds) with Seasafari Øksnes. There is a road to Nyksund. Skipnes fishing village is one of the most authentic fishing villages in Vesterålen. Skipnes is located on Tindsøya and there is a daily fast boat from both Myre and Skjellfjord. There are parking spaces connected to both ferry terminals.

RIB tour to Trollfjorden

The spectacular Trollfjord is a truly magnificent experience that ranks high on the list of nature adventures in Lofoten and Vesterålen. For groups, it's possible to book a private RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) tour from Skagenhaugen to Trollfjord. To enhance the excursion further, you can include a dinner at the fantastic Kvitnes gård and be transported back to Skagenhaugen by RIB. Contact Seasafari Øksnes for booking.

Bike tour

It is nice and flat to cycle around Bø. Skagenhaugen has two bicycles for (free) loan to its guests. If you want more bikes, there are both bike hire in Bø and free loan from "Bø equipment center" (located in the library). Fantastic offer for available for anyone. If you have your own mountain bikes, the mountains are waiting!


Vesterålen has many beautiful mountain peaks for randonees. There are several local Facebook-groups where you can inquire about local skiing and driving conditions.


Getting out onto the open sea on a traditional fishing boat is a dream for many. Our good friend and fisherman, Tom Tobiassen, can be booked at +47 91514 187. He also offers filleting courses on his pier.

Whale Safari

Outside Andøya, it is possible to see whales. For more information, see AndenesWhale Safari on Andøya and Artic Whale Tours in Stø.

SUP Paddleboard

Skagenhaugen has 2 SUP paddle boards and wetsuits for (free) loan to our guests, as well as seats as additional equipment so that you can also paddle sitting down. Use of SUP is done at your own risk, see information that comes with the equipment. NB! Cold water!

Gastronomic experiences

In recent years, there have been several new, exciting places to eat in Vesterålen. We want to highlight

Kvitnes (farm)

1.45 hours by car from Skagenhaugen (worth staying overnight) - Absolutely fantastic! Chef Halvar Ellingsen has transformed an old family farm into a laboratory for flavors from the north!

Ringstad Resort

20 min drive from Skagenhaugen. Dishes based on local ingredients, inspired by local food traditions and international impulses.

Ekspedisjonen, Nyksund

1.30 hours by car from Skagenhaugen. Ekspedisjonen Restaurant and Kaffebar serves fresh fish from Nordland, homemade cakes, and a variety of coffee blends.

Food experiences nearby Skagenhaugen


1-minute walk from Skagenhaugen. (Seasonal operation)

Kontrat Bar & Restaurant

3 minutes by car from Skagenhaugen. (Must be booked in advance)

Heimhusan Coffe bar

3 minutes by car from Skagenhaugen. Plenty of delicious food options and a pleasant place to sit, even with sea view.

Bromles Diner

Grill/Diner, 3 minutes by car from Skagenhaugen.


Outdoor gallery Sculpture landscape Nordland 3 minutes by car from Skagenhaugen. 

It is a permanent outdoor photo exhibition showcasing the sculptures in Sculpture Landscape Nordland. Combined with a concert stage and the nearby museum, the area serves as a cultural hub for residents and visitors to Bø. Kjell Erik Killi Olsen's sculpture 'Mannen fra havet' is also located just a few hundred meters from the outdoor Gallery. 

The sculpture 'Rodd fiske' by artist Christin Løkke is installed in the water and is definitely worth a visit.

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