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Skagenhaugen is operated by the family company of Cathrine and Halvor Walla. We love Bø in Vesterålen, especially the beautiful, Northern Norwegian nature that varies greatly through seasons and all the weather changes.

Cathrine og Halvor

We are Cathrine and Halvor Walla. We live in Oslo but try to be in Vesterålen as often as we can. Through our good friends, Tone and Cato, we discovered the beauty of Bø in Vesterålen. After frequent visits to our friends place, the decision was easy when the opportunity arose to purchase the neighboring property, which had significant potential.


We aim to facilitate wonderful gathering moments for families, groups of friends, and work gatherings. We have chosen to prioritize high-end architecture, proximity to nature, outdoor and indoor areas for sitting together and conversing, combined with high comfort and standards.

With the help of architects, we initially designed a five-sided house (completed in 2016) in Thermowood. In 2020, we decided to further develop the site to accommodate larger groups seeking quality time together in these beautiful and unique surroundings. Consequently, two more houses were built; Seaside cabin (completed in 2022) and the annex (completed in 2023), each with its own wing for events/meetings for up to 30 people. 

Skagenhaugen also features an older boathouse (red wooden building) where guests can spend time, right at the water's edge. And perhaps best of all, Skagenhaugen has a large and fantastic natural plot with a small peak offering a 360-degree view, including view of Møysalen, the Lofoten Mountains, and the open sea. At the top, you can bring your own coffee and enjoy the breathtaking views in complete privacy. Alternatively, you can bring a hammock from the house and enjoy the scenery and some alone time. There are many possibilities here! The hill is a untouched gem in itself.

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Skagenhaugen facilitates nice moments together in scenic and spectacular surroundings.

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